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OGS-017 // Available on Cassette and Streaming
OGS-016 // Available on Cassette and Streaming


NOV ’22 UPDATE (11/9/2022)

Hey, what a year huh?

In 2022 I got married, ended up being General Manager at my day job, and did a bunch of really good enriching personal creative projects that did not result in a lot of content for the OGS RECORDS machine. So… sorry for no updates over the last 12 months. Nobody’s Peach is the big thing right now for me, we put out a Halloween Special here: https://youtu.be/WLSEP3QsVNs and we’re working on the sophomore album for the band right now. Timeline TBD. Otherwise lots of things on back burners, lots of background growth and infrastructural labor, nothing particularly exciting for public consumption. Lots of emotional ups and downs, lots of life lessons, lots of buying patch cables and mic clips and the most boring possible gear that hopefully helps us make cool shit in the future.

So here we are in the doldrums of winter, in the hectic holidays, and then into the deep darkness of January/February in the PNW. Spring will come, a new album will be released, and maybe I’ll be a little more communicative when the sun comes back out. I’ll do my best!

<3 tom