Breckon Sessions Out Now

photo by scott melnick

It’s been 3 weeks since we (re)released Local Ghost’s Breckon Sessions EP, which seems like a year ago, and also like yesterday. Time is moving pretty oddly right now.

The 3 songs were recorded in the summer of 2017 at Champion St Studios in Bellingham by Kris Breckon. This was at the height of Local Ghost’s live performance output, and with tracks 2 and 3 recorded live with no overdubs the chemistry is powerful.

This is sort of the first actual release for OGS Records. I absorbed all the self-released records my bands had done to bulk up the catalog, but the Breckon Sessions had never seen a proper release. So here it is, serving a little bit as a test case for future releases and something to make me feel like I’m actually doing something with the label. Also, I love these songs and I’m glad to get more of you to hear them.

So I hope you have or will listen to it, it’s on spotify and apple music, as well as for sale on bandcamp. I have some schemes for a physical release in the future, but for the time being it’s just a digital release.