OGS Records is proud to present the new album from the mighty TOMMY JORDAN.

OLD MAN JORDAN is a prime example of Tommy’s style of thoughtful hardcore rap, exploring aging, mortality, labor, and trying to navigate our capitalist hell-world with one’s ethics intact. These pointed lyrics intertwine with banging beats, inviting along collaborators such as ECID, CHRIS CONDE, THORTS, BLOODMONEY PEREZ, and a ton of other artists and rappers of various styles and disciplines. The whole album comes together to present an angry, funny, poignant, and personal look at Tommy Jordan.

The first edition of cassette tapes has already sold out, and the second run is incoming. The album is also out on all streaming services, and several music videos directed by Tommy are available to watch on his youtube.

Tapes/Downloads here: https://tommyjordan.bandcamp.com/album/old-man-jordan

And everything else I’ve got for sale is here: https://ogsrecords.bandcamp.com