Jones Road




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This album is dedicated to the memory of: Robby Cleary, Scott Green and Douglas Stranger
1) The Party’s Over (Stone Jones)
2) Curse Of This Town (Stephen Ray Leslie)
3) Happiness (Matney Cook)
4) Lost & Lonely Weekend (Stone Jones)
5) The Devil’s Railroad (Stone Jones)

The Players:
Stone Jones- Guitars and Vocals, Motherfucker
Chris Brown- Drums
Peter Bridgman- Bass, Backing Vocals (tracks 1&2)
Friend Holloway- Bass (track 5)
Matney Cook- Guitar, Backing Vocals (track 3)
Vincent Blackshadow- Guitar (tracks 1&2)
Gage Lindsay- Guitar solos (track 1)
Dean Luce- Guitar (track 4)
Sam Chue- Guitar (track 3) Backing Vocals (track 4)

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by: Stone Jones and Sam Chue at Shadytown Studio, 2017-2019
Produced by: Stone Jones
Executive Producer: Cutoff Johnson
Cover Design By: Michael Hunnicutt

Released – 4/20/2019 – Next Seven Exits Records