Stone Jones Joins the Family

OGS Records is proud to present two albums from our great friend Stone Jones.

Jones Road is five gritty country-punk tracks soaked in booze, feedback, and pathos. Distorted guitars crunch in harmony with Stone’s inimitable voice as he explores the pleasure and pain of sin and degeneracy with a contagious energy. He somehow captures the night out and the morning after simultaneously. We’ve got it on CD and digital thru bandcamp (right here), and will be streaming soon, too.

Walking Down F Street is Stone’s first album from 2011, re-released by N7E Records in 2019. It is a druggy blend of folk, country, and psychedelic rock. Shades of Velvet Underground and Leonard Cohen with an off-kilter shimmering sonic atmosphere. The songs are sad and truthful, and are a remarkably lucid look into a decidedly murky moment. This is a beautiful album and I love it so much and we’ve got in on CD and digital (right here) and will be streaming soon.

Jones Road CDs/Downloads here:

Walking Down F Street CDs/Downloads here:

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