Hello from OGS Records

photo by Scott Melnick

Hey! This is just a hello and an introduction to OGS Records. I am Tom McKay, and I started this label to provide a home for the recordings that my previous bands have done, as well as to put out the new recordings I’ve been working on. I’ve been making music with the same group of childhood friends for most of my life, and between us we have several albums by several defunct bands that I was worried would disappear into the mists of time without some sort of stewardship. I also have a few upcoming projects I am working on, and I look forward to putting them out into the world with this label to provide structure for the release and a long term home.

Right now in our discography, we have 2 full length albums by country/folk band Moongrass (OGS-001OGS-002) that were originally self released on CD and digital streaming in 2013 and 2015 respectively, and two EPs and a full length album by indie rock band Local Ghost (OGS-003OGS-004OGS-005). Local Ghost’s self-titled EP was released digitally in 2016, shortly after the breakup of Moongrass. Momentum, the full length album, was released digitally and on CD in early 2017, and re-pressed with new art later that year. The Breckon Sessions EP was recorded released on bandcamp in September 2017, and given a full digital release and new art in 2020, when I began working on starting this label. The rerelease of The Breckon Sessions was the first thing I’ve actually put out since the label has existed, but I figured I’d give the older, self-released albums catalog numbers and include them in OGS Records’ discography anyway. Mostly to bolster the number of releases and make it look like I know what I’m doing, but also because it gives me a nice feeling to see those releases have a home and be counted.


Nobody’s Peach debut full length on digital, tape, and (probably) CD. Coming at some point in 2020. Nobody’s Peach is a country-rockish band featuring the collaborative songwriting of Matney Cook (Mudflat Walkers) and Taylor Merlina (Moongrass, Local Ghost), and the sweet guitar licks of Cole Melcher. I also play bass in the band. 9 tracks ranging from crunchy rock to sweet folk duets.

Old Ghost Shore debut full-length on digital and tape. Coming… 2020? Who knows. Old Ghost Shore is a alternative folk duo comprised of Taylor Merlina and me, Tom McKay. Lofi and atmospheric folk with electronic elements, focused on Taylor’s compelling songwriting. More info to come.

The Service OST on digital and tape. Coming hopefully 2020. The Service is an independent film by Austin Bowen shot entirely on Super 8 film. The film centers around violent crime and the working men who clean up after. The soundtrack is an eclectic blend of surf, jazz, garage rock, and atmospheric electronic with a decidedly lofi aesthetic to match the feeling of the film. A collaboration between Austin Bowen, Taylor Merlina, Elijah Watson, Tom McKay, and a handful of our bands. More info to come.

I’ve got lots of other projects in the works as well, and I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to eventually put some records out by bands that I’m not in. We’ll see about that. I’m also going to be setting up a mail-order system for sending out tapes, CDs, and various other merch for both bands and the label itself. But that will likely have to wait until the falltime, when I move back to Bellingham and am reunited with my pile of CDs and stickers. Til then, we’re a digital only operation.

Ok, thats all for right now. Please have a listen to our releases on bandcamp or spotify or whatever, and follow us on instagram and twitter, where I’ll be posting about all the good new music we’re putting out.

Talk to you soon. <3 tom & ogs records